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When Change Walks Through The Door & Takes a Seat

The idea of change for some is daunting and for others it’s fascinating.In speaking with others, I have found that the first example is where most of us find ourselves.On the other hand, there are some of us that find change fascinating, well, at least, until, it is a change that we have no control over or no part in.
Change truly can be daunting, especially when you have everything planned out in your life, and for once you’re actually on target for where you should be; then suddenly out of nowhere, the unexpected happens.A whirlwind and colossal storm comes through, to shift, change, and rearrange your life, leaving you with a loss of control and nothing left to do, but truly surrender and give your all to God and trust wholeheartedly His leading and direction for your life.
This happened to me, not too long ago.I had been working in my career field for over a decade and loving it.I was achieving major milestones and on target for a certain level of success that I wanted in my li…

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