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Why Are You Trying To Plug Into A Closed Socket?

I was sitting on my couch the other day just thinking and looking at the socket directly across the room from me and then suddenly, God dropped a picture in my mind of a childproofed socket, which I will call a closed socket and someone trying to plug into the closed socket, but getting upset, because they were unable to plug in their device and was met with much difficulty.
I began to think further and ask God what He was showing me and here is the revelation that I received.Just as the childproofed socket is closed to keep children from harming themselves by trying to plug in cords or objects that do not belong in there, is the same way that God has childproofed some things in our lives from us plugging into, but we become frustrated when it is difficult for us to plug into a source that we want to plug into, not realizing that our Heavenly Father has made it impossible and/or difficult for us to plug into it, to keep us safe from harming ourselves.
Now here comes my question, how…

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